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Centralised Feedback System





Centralised Feedback System



Green Campus

Rajendranath College of Polytechnic is proud to be a green campus that promotes sustainability and environmental consciousness. Nestled within our campus is a motorized road, carefully designed to blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings. As students and faculty traverse the campus, they experience a serene environment where lush greenery thrives. The motorized road provides convenient access while minimizing our carbon footprint. We prioritize eco-friendly transportation options, encouraging cycling and walking as alternatives to motor vehicles. Our commitment to a green campus extends beyond infrastructure, with initiatives like waste recycling, water conservation, and solar energy utilization. At Rajendranath College of Polytechnic, we strive to inspire future generations to protect and preserve our environment.


Central Workshop

  • Electrical Workshop
  • Electronics Workshop
  • Fitting Workshop
  • Carpentry Workshop
  • Wlding Workshop
  • Machine Shop

Department of Science & Humanities

  • Physics Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Language Laboratory

Department of Civil Engineering

Following Laboratories have been set up as per the WBSCTVESD curriculum and AICTE norms.

  • Geotechnical Engineering Lab
  • Water Supply Engineering & Sanitary Engineering Lab
  • Concrete & Road Material Testing Lab
  • Applied Mechanics Lab
  • Hydraulics Lab
  • Bitumen & Non Destructive Testing Lab
  • Application of CAD in Civil Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Following Laboratories have been set up as per the WBSCTVESD curriculum and AICTE norms.

  • Applied Mechanics Lab/ Advanced Strength of Material Lab
  • Heat Power Lab / Thermal Engineering Practical
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Engineering Metrology Lab
  • Automobile Lab
  • Machine Shop
  • Fitting Shop
  • Carpentry Shop
  • Foundry Shop
  • Pattern Shop

Department of Electrical Engineering

Following Laboratories have been set up as per the WBSCTVESD curriculum and AICTE norms.

  • Electrical Machine Lab I & II
  • Electrical Measurement and Control Lab
  • Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instruments
  • Transmission & Distribution Power Lab
  • Industrial Electronics Lab
  • Electrical Workshop I & II
  • Non-Conventional Energy Resources Lab
  • Switch Gear Protection Lab
  • Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab

Department of Computer Science & Technology

Following Laboratories have been set up as per the WBSCTVESD curriculum and AICTE norms.

  • Three Computer Labs


Rajendranath College of Polytechnic embraces smart classrooms, revolutionizing the learning experience. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, interactive whiteboards, and audio-visual aids, our smart classrooms foster engaging and dynamic education. Students benefit from digital resources, collaborative learning, and real-time access to information. With smart classrooms, we empower students to explore, innovate, and excel in an immersive and technologically advanced educational environment.


The library at Rajendranath College of Polytechnic is a treasure trove of knowledge. With a vast collection of books, journals, and digital resources, it caters to the academic needs of students and faculty. The library provides a serene and conducive environment for research, study, and intellectual growth. Equipped with modern facilities, it encourages a love for reading and supports the pursuit of excellence in education.

Safe & Secure Hostel at Rajendranath

Rajendranath College of Polytechnic offers comfortable and well-equipped hostel facilities for students. The hostels provide a secure and inclusive living environment with spacious rooms, study areas, recreational spaces, and 24/7 security. Students have access to amenities like Wi-Fi, common rooms, and mess facilities, ensuring a convenient and enriching residential experience. The hostels aim to create a supportive community that fosters personal growth and academic success.

Sports Ground

At Rajendranath College of Polytechnic, the sports ground is a hub of athletic activities and camaraderie. Spread across a vast area, it offers state-of-the-art facilities for various sports like cricket, football, basketball, and athletics. Students can unleash their sporting potential, participate in intercollegiate competitions, and stay physically active. The sports ground at Rajendranath College of Polytechnic serves as a platform for teamwork, skill development, and holistic well-being.

Language Lab

The Language Lab at Rajendranath College of Polytechnic is a cutting-edge facility designed to enhance language proficiency and communication skills. Equipped with the latest technology and interactive software, students can practice listening, speaking, and pronunciation exercises. The lab provides a supportive environment for language learning, with individual workstations and audio-visual aids. Through the Language Lab, students can improve their linguistic abilities and gain confidence in their communication abilities.

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