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Electrical Engineering

Course Description

Course NameDiploma in Electrical Engineering
Duration (in years)3 years
Minimum Qualification10th class with minimum 50% marks
Course FeesCall Us
Academic SessionFrom August
Intake Capacity60 students per year

Diploma in Civil Engineering is a 3-year diploma program that teaches students the fundamentals of civil engineering, including surveying, construction, and materials science. Graduates of this program can find employment in a variety of civil engineering fields, such as construction, design, and consulting.


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More about course

  • Electrical Circuit & Network
  • Electrical Machine I
  • Basic Electronics
  • Programming concept using C
  • Electrical Measuring Instrument
  • Electrical Workshop
  • Elements of Mechanical Engineering
  • Professional Practices I
  • Electrical Circuit & Network
  • Electrical Power Generation
  • Basic Electronics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Electrical Measurement
  • Electrical Workshop
  • Elements of Mechanical & Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Measurement & Control
  • Transmission & Distribution of electric power
  • Applied and Digital Electronics
  • Power Plant Engineering
  • Computer-aided Electrical Drawing
  • DC Machine and Transformer
  • Instrumentation
  • Transmission & Distribution of Electric
  • Applied Electronics
  • Electrical Estimation and Costing
  • Electrical Drawing
  • Utilization, Traction, Heating and drives
  • Power Electronics and Drives
  • Switchgear & Protection
  • Elective I (Any One): a)Illumination Engineering, b) Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning, c) Energy Conservation & Audit, d) Electric Traction
  • Microprocessor & Microcontroller
  • Industrial Project & Entrepreneurship Development
  • Utilization of electrical energy
  • AC Machine
  • Switchgear & Protection
  • Elective I (Any One) a) Electric Traction I, b) Computer Hardware Maintenance, c) Illumination Engineering
  • Elective II (Any One): a) Industrial Automation, b) Energy Conservation & Audit
  • Industrial Project & Entrepreneurship Development

Among the top private colleges in West Bengal, Rajendranath College of Polytechnic (RCP Durgapur) offers a global standard learning experience at a very reasonable course fee.

  • 100% Placement Oriented Training and Assistance
  • Industry Institute Interface Programmes
  • Projects, Industrial Visits, and Internships
  • Intensive Pre-placement Training
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure

Following Laboratories have been set up as per the WBSCTVESD curriculum and AICTE norms.

  • Electrical Machine Lab I & II
  • Electrical Measurement and Control Lab
  • Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instruments
  • Transmission & Distribution Power Lab
  • Industrial Electronics Lab
  • Electrical Workshop I & II
  • Non-Conventional Energy Resources Lab
  • Switch Gear Protection Lab
  • Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab
There are many career opportunities available after completing a 3-year diploma in electrical engineering. Some of the most common options include:
  • Electrical Technician: You can work as an electrical technician in industries such as power generation, manufacturing, construction, or maintenance. Your role would involve installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting electrical systems and equipment.
  • Electrical Supervisor: With experience, you can progress to a supervisory role where you would oversee electrical installation and maintenance projects, manage a team of technicians, and ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations.
  • Electrical Design Engineer: You can work as an electrical design engineer, creating electrical system layouts and schematics for buildings, power distribution systems, or industrial installations using computer-aided design (CAD) software. This role involves designing and specifying components and conducting feasibility studies.
  • Power Plant Technician: In power generation plants, you can work as a technician responsible for operating and maintaining equipment like generators, transformers, and control systems. Power plants include thermal, hydroelectric, nuclear, and renewable energy facilities.
  • Control Panel Designer: Many industries require control panel systems for operating and automating machinery and equipment. As a control panel designer, you would create electrical control panel layouts and wiring diagrams based on specifications and regulations.
  • Sales and Marketing: With good communication and interpersonal skills, you can work in sales and marketing roles for electrical equipment manufacturers or suppliers. This involves promoting products, handling customer inquiries, and providing technical support.
  • Maintenance Engineer: Industries and organizations require maintenance engineers to ensure the smooth operation of electrical systems and equipment. You would be responsible for preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs to minimize downtime and optimize performance.
  • Further Education: Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree (B.Tech/B.E.) in Electrical Engineering through lateral entry or distance education can provide opportunities for career advancement and specialization in areas such as power systems, control systems, or renewable energy.
Additionally, you can consider government job opportunities through various competitive exams conducted by organizations like the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Staff Selection Commission (SSC), or state-level public service commissions, where mechanical engineering graduates are eligible to apply for engineering-related positions.

Remember that career growth and opportunities depend on various factors such as skills, experience, and continuous learning. It’s always beneficial to stay updated with the latest technological advancements in the field and consider obtaining professional certifications to enhance your employability.

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