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Computer Science Technology

Course Description

Course NameDiploma in Computer Science and Technology
Duration (in years)3 years
Minimum Qualification10th class with minimum 50% marks
Course FeesCall Us
Academic SessionFrom August
Intake Capacity60 students per year

Diploma in Civil Engineering is a 3-year diploma program that teaches students the fundamentals of civil engineering, including surveying, construction, and materials science. Graduates of this program can find employment in a variety of civil engineering fields, such as construction, design, and consulting.


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More about course

  • Discrete Mathematics
  • C Programming
  • Digital Logic Design
  • Data Structure
  • Computer Organization & Architecture
  • Electronic Devices & Circuits
  • Professional Practice‐I (PC Maintenance)
  • Microprocessor & Programming
  • Computer Network
  • Relational Data Base Management Systems
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Computer Graphics
  • Development of Life Skills
  • Professional Practice‐II ( Web Page Development)
  • Software Engineering
  • Java Programming
  • Operating System
  • Theory of Computation
  • ELECTIVE‐ I (Any One): a) Network Management and Administration, b) Multimedia and Animation Technique, c) Advanced Microprocessor Technology
  • Projects
  • Professional Practice‐III (Visual Basic)
  • Management
  • Advanced Java Programming
  • System Programming & Compiler Design
  • ELECTIVE – II (Any One): a) Numerical Methods, b) Advanced Web Technology, c) Digital Image Processing
  • Professional Practice‐IV (Seminar Work)
  • General Viva Voce

Among the top private colleges in West Bengal, Rajendranath College of Polytechnic (RCP Durgapur) offers a global standard learning experience at a very reasonable course fee.

  • 100% Placement Oriented Training and Assistance
  • Industry Institute Interface Programmes
  • Projects, Industrial Visits, and Internships
  • Intensive Pre-placement Training
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure

Following Laboratories have been set up as per the WBSCTVESD curriculum and AICTE norms.

  • Three Computer Labs
There are many career opportunities available after completing a 3-year diploma in computer science technology. Some of the most common options include:
  • Software Developer/Programmer: You can work as a software developer or programmer, creating, coding, and testing software applications. This can include web development, mobile app development, or software development in various domains like finance, healthcare, or e-commerce.
  • Web Developer: With expertise in web technologies, you can specialize as a web developer. You would design and develop websites, create user interfaces, and implement functionality using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like React or Angular.
  • Database Administrator: Organizations rely on databases to store and manage large amounts of data. As a database administrator, you would design, implement, and maintain databases, ensure data security, optimize performance, and handle data backup and recovery.
  • Network Administrator: In this role, you would be responsible for managing and maintaining computer networks within an organization. This includes configuring and troubleshooting network devices, ensuring network security, and overseeing network infrastructure.
  • System Administrator: System administrators manage the operation and maintenance of computer systems and networks. You would install and configure software and hardware, monitor system performance, handle system upgrades, and provide technical support to users.
  • IT Support Specialist: IT support specialists provide technical assistance to end-users, troubleshooting software and hardware issues, setting up and maintaining computer systems, and assisting with network connectivity problems.
  • Quality Assurance Analyst: Quality assurance analysts test and ensure the quality and functionality of software applications. This involves designing test cases, executing tests, identifying and reporting defects, and collaborating with developers to resolve issues.
  • Cybersecurity Analyst: With the increasing importance of cybersecurity, you can pursue a career as a cybersecurity analyst. Your role would involve implementing security measures, monitoring and analyzing systems for vulnerabilities, and responding to security incidents.
  • IT Project Coordinator: In this role, you would assist in managing and coordinating IT projects, including planning, scheduling, and tracking project milestones, ensuring timely delivery, and managing project documentation.
  • Freelancing or Entrepreneurship: With your skills in computer science and technology, you can explore freelancing opportunities or start your own IT-related business, offering services such as software development, website design, or IT consulting.

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