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Principal's Desk


"Education is the first stepping stone to an open mind, alife of dignity and growth of each individual and humankind at largeā€, RajendranathCollege of Polytechnic(RCP) opens its doors for those with a passion forlearning and also provides a platform to gear our students to be focused andsuccessful individuals of tomorrow.

Feels highly privileged to be part of RCP Family and I'm journeying in themidst of committed management of ethical values, devoted staff and students,gives a mighty strength to contribute more and more for the welfare of theinstitution.
The institution has the freedom of having a vigorous, pleasant and wealthyenvironment in honing and toning the future of many students. Our mission is tomould the students into rational thinkers, skilled workers and spirituallyupright individuals with ethical values. The main spotlight of the Institutionis to empower students with technical knowledge, wisdom, and training both atthe academic level of engineering as well as in highly competitive globalmarket. The infrastructure amenities and state-of-the-art equipments pooledwith talented and enthusiastic faculty member contribute to an enjoyable and aneasy learning experience.

The holistic approach of the institute stimulates originalityamong students by inspiring new ideas with different point of views, logical thinkingto trigger for true success. Apart from academic activities, the collegeemphasis on co-curricular, extra-curricular activities, sports, cultural andsocial- service activities to transform the life of students with all measures.


Prof. Tanmoy Singha


Rajendranath College of Polytechnic

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