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Mission And Vission



Rajendranath College of Polytechnic has the mission to create andsustain an academic environment conducive to academic and professionalexcellence. To create environment to foster  education with relevant research anddevelopment. To provide world class technical education commensurating thepresent academic requirements. To create avenues of technical education andresearch in new and   emerging academic fields. To create atechnology savvy campus and to impart value based education. To develop facultycompetence, to meet the challenges of rapidly changing   socialenvironment. To nurture  innovative andcreative abilities of students   and faculties. To   be afinishing school where the outgoing students  will be ready to accept the challenges of theeducational society.

‘Rajendranath Education and Welfare Trust’ has established ‘RajendranathCollege of Polytechnic’ with the above stated mission and vision under thechairmanship of Shri Jayanta Chakrabarty.



“Building tomorrows intellect” is the vision of Rajendranath College ofPolytechnic (an institution, established and governed by Rajendranath Educationand welfare Trust .

Vision of Rajendranath College of Polytechnic is to be an institution ofexcellence in higher technical education that continually responds to changingsocial realities through development. The institute will strive to inculcatequality skill in young minds, prepare them for the dynamic global technologicalenvironment, create proactive technical acumen with adequate knowledge anddevelop them to socially responsible technical professionals. It will strive tobecome one of the top polytechnic institution through imparting high qualityeducation and effective training, through dedicated faculty and the bestavailable infrastructure.

Our vision is to impart holistic education in the students, for theiracademic excellence and inculcating national and human values in them and alsoto contribute through excellence in technical education and research. It shallserve as a valuable resource centres for institutes. Quality is the key featureof Rajendranath College of Polytechnic. Rajendranath College of Polytechnicstrives to achieve a level of Quality that will match that of any highereducational institutions.

Its vision is to promote excellence, by nurturing talent properly and toenhance the quality of social life through propagation.


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