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Madan Sarkar


Welcoming all to this updated website of Rajendranath College of Polytechnic with the objective of generating employable skills through technical education. You are well aware that a diploma in engineering- a professional course from a reputed institute like RCP, established in the year 2012 keeps you way ahead of yours peers in the job market.

With the needs of modern technology changing, it is education that helps a student to survive through difficult situations in life, earn a respectable living and to fulfill his dreams. Job and its associated benefits like a handsome pay package, perks, such as a high lifestyle and acclaimed social standing is what drives the youth these days. But to attain this ,some important specific skills in different technical streams and use of tools and technologies are required besides academic and technical skills.

Our college has designed a well planned curriculum that improves the employability of the diploma engineers by focusing on reducing those important skills-gaps through improvements in curriculum and teaching methods.

The institution has defined a set of skills that a diploma holder is supposed to have after each examination. Besides, the RCP plans to change its learning methods and go from being teacher centric to student centric and include more assignments for students so that they can independently analyze and apply tools on real life problems. Actually the whole idea of our institution is to identify new talents among the students and shape them into champions to face the emerging challenges. Our unique supportive system will provide access to academic mentoring career counseling, hand on experience at organization

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